Pionus Parrot for Sale

The Pionus Parrot is a medium-sized parrot native to Mexico and South America. Characteristics of Pionus parrots are a chunky body, bare eye-rings, and short square tails. Pionus parrots are between 10 and 12 inches in length. Pionus parrots have bare and fleshy eye- rings circling the entire eye.

The Pionus parrot has eight sub species: Blue-headed, Bronze-winged, and Dusky. Maximilian’s, Coral-billed or Red-billed, Plum-crowned, White-crowned, and White-headed Pionus parrots. ATJ&J Parrots, we only have 5 of these Pionus Parrot species available for sale.

Pionus parrots tend to inhabit forested areas, savannas, and mountain regions.

Pionus parrots eat a formulated main diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Pionus parrots are known to be a quiet, easy-going and slightly standoffish. These descriptions are based on comparison to other pet parrot species. Pionus parrots are very affectionate, easy-going, attentive and sweet.

Pionus parrots aren’t probably the best talkers and they will not have a crystal clear voice, but the Pionus owner can understand what the bird is saying. A house full of screaming children, barking dogs and television noise can easily teach a Pionus to be noisy.

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