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Parrots are very intelligent and affectionate birds which require optimum care, love and attention possible. As much as parrots are affectionate birds, Parrot Breeders possess a lot of expertise to make the breeding process a success. Parrot Breeders are emotional about the breeding process and the welfare of the bird.

A Parrot Breeder provides a range of parrot specimens which are sexed and bred in captivity. Also, all parrots made available by Parrot Breeders are carefully handpicked and bred under captivity in accordance to legal and veterinary norms.

Parrot Breeders train and developed parrots to be hand-fed thereby increasing human contact with the bird. A healthy and consistent human contact with parrots reduces the tendency of the bird to fly away when opportunity to do is presented. Increased and healthy human contact with the bird builds a cordial relationship between the bird and the owner. This is very possible as most parrot species always try to mimic their owners as they are excellent observers, good listeners and fast learners.
Hand feeding, petting the bird and other physical encounters and contact build a secured psychology of the bird. That is; the bird feels safe, comfortable and has no fear for other hazards. As affectionate as parrots are, showing them optimum love, care and attention expose them to create and maintain a mutual bond, understanding and comfort with the source of the care, love and attention which usually happens to be the owner.
Parrots are honest and resilient. As a result, The Parrot Breeder on its path practices as habits; ethical behaviors, honesty and opened heart towards parrots to foster and enhance a lasting chemistry.

Parrots are play lovers. The Parrot Breeder orientates its parrots to a few pet toys. The rational of Parrot Breeders is to provide a secured environment for these birds both physically and psychologically while also providing opportunities for amusement for the birds.
Parrots are promoters of fun and activeness. In this regard, Parrot Breeder makes provision of toys for the birds, and also training programs to enhance the bird’s participative rate and psychological security. Parrot Breeders carry out this training programs purposely to make the parrots participate and enhance their morphology as this are goods signs of a healthy parrot.

Getting a parrot is a treat of an experience when you deal with legitimate and authentic Parrot Breeders. Where you can buy a parrot of guaranteed healthy breeding and well-being and DNA tested ? Our elite team works in cohesion to provide healthy baby Parrots and perfect timing in delivery.

At J&J Parrots; We Are Your Parrot Breeder.

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