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Amazon parrots are outgoing, happy and flexible birds that frequently learn to sing. They have music in their soul. Amazon Parrots are emotionally honest and resilient. Amazon Parrot Breeders term them “Joy incarnate in feathers”. Amazon Parrots are known for their sensitivity and ability to frequently talk and sing. Amazon Parrots are extroverted, enthusiastic and demonstrative. There are emotionally honest and you can almost always tell how they feel by looking at their behavior trend and body posture.

Amazon Parrots tend to have overweight if they are given a lot of fatty food and do very little or no exercise. Amazon Parrots that are given a lot to do and enough space to do it in and have no issues in burning some calories and fat. As Experienced Amazon Parrot Breeders we offer you 100% Healthy and Weaned Amazon Birds.

Amazon Parrot Composure

Amazon Parrots may have a bad reputation for being aggressive during mating and breeding seasons. This is normal for the males of the species and birds who have not been properly raised. It is therefore our experience that Amazon Parrots can become overloaded at time and during breeding season these hormones are raging that can happen more easily.

Fortunately, when overloaded, Amazon Parrots exhibit a behavior we refer to as “Full Amazon”. They spread their tails, pin their eyes, spread wings out and in extreme cases make their body horizontal. In such situations with an Amazon Parrot, don’t pick it up with your hands for it may bite you. It is saying “I am overloaded and excited”. Listen to the bird. When an Amazon Parrot is acting like this, have it step up a stick. This will help maintain a positive relationship and avoid intruding with the bird. The bird will be calm again when the overload pass.

Amazon Parrots are dominant birds. Don’t let Amazon Parrots get higher than you (except in cage), don’t let them free-flight or carry on your shoulder. Set basic and simple boundaries by always asking them to step up when taking them out of their cage to play on play-stands. This act is to remind your Amazon Parrot that you are making the rules not them. It is unwise to let them play out of their cage. Amazon Parrots that are allowed to free reign on the top of their cage invariably become dominant and difficult to manage.

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Amazon Parrots are to be respected for their emotional honesty. For instance; when they are overloaded, they tell you with their body language. Amazon Parrots is a fascinating pet for those who appreciate parrots are domesticated creatures on like dogs and cats. Most companion parrots are from a generation removed from the wild. Hence they still have the wild instinct intact maintaining their originality. It is good and enriching to have little wildness but Amazon Parrot Breeders and owners need sufficient flexibility, compassion and patience not to become frustrated when the parrot is overloaded.

When groomed and nurtured with boundaries appropriately maintained throughout their lives, Amazon Parrots are great teachers. They can make a great family bird and endearing companions for a lifetime.

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