We are a family owned Parrot farm. Our experience as aviculturists enables us to specialize in breeding a variety of parrots. We are Parrot Breeders; not just focused on business but also focused on the preservation of their species as well as the social role they in play in our human lives.

As a family and team, we have loved, cared, bred, and lived with parrots and other pets/birds for the past decade, quite an experience. Our birds are hand-reared.  All babies are raised at our farm in a family/friendly environment making our birds completely at ease with other pets. Each bird is in possession of a health certificate and a training and care booklet containing all the information needed to ensure a proper transition and enjoyable, healthy and stress free stay in their new homes. Our baby Parrots make the ultimate talking friend and are perfect house pets. Our birds throw in a decorative display all day long.

Our babies are incubator hatched and lovingly cared for under the strictest avian breeding and care standards. They are well socialized, having been raised in our home as members of our own; they are comfortable around all ages, including the elderly and young children (however supervision is always strongly advised).

Sure, we are in the business of “selling” birds but we’d like to think of it as a commitment to continuously serve the bird lovers community (parrot lovers in particular) in the most modest means possible. Our goal is to help you raise a happy, healthy, and well-mannered baby. We turn away many people who are simply fascinated by Parrots and their talking ability, but do not understand the intelligence and corresponding interaction required on a daily basis to keep these incredible creatures happy. This exceptional truth has built our business

All of our birds are weaned and have a 90 Day Health Guarantee. If anything at all different from what we described, we will fully refund you and any expenses incurred in getting your bird to you. We guarantee that you are getting a healthy bird, and with our help and support, we assure that you will keep it safe, healthy and happy with minimal efforts after purchase.

Johnson & Johnson Parrots Farm: Breeding healthy birds in a state-of-the-art breeding facility.

Our methods are practical and result oriented. Our birds are exceptionally cultured and mannered. They listen to sounds of the rain forest and nature-inspired music, and it rains on them several times a day from our misters. Our birds have plenty of toys, they have full spectrum lighting including dawn and dusk with a varying diurnal cycle to give them some sense of seasons. They also get fresh air exchanges 3 times an hour, and visual barriers provide them privacy.